The GMC - Get Hired!

You now can get hired and promote your services by creating your own GMC “Page”.


Unlike your GMC member profile, your services page is available for the whole world to see!


Your SEO friendly page has loads of features that help you get work, showcase your skills and promote your music / previous work.


What's in it for me?


As well as all of the features listed below, we are providing you and your clients with a booking service you both can trust... 


Whats in it for The GMC?


We want to give you a platform to promote yourself. We won't take any money from you




 1. Write original descriptions on your page so the SEO friendly Page works for you on all of the major search engines… The more exclusive content there is on your page, the easier it is for us to get people to your page:



2. Setup your own store.  Enter your services or products in your own store.

We provide you and your clients with a payment system that you both can trust… Get paid for your service and the funds are released into your GMC account when the service is completed.

For detailed information on setting up your store click here





3. Give your clients Special Offers for multiple purchases or for limited time periods:





4. Setup your Diary so clients can see when you are available:





5. Upload Videos and Music to your page. Give your clients examples of your work.



6. Make sure you share your page with previous clients and ask them to Review your work… Remember the more original written material there is on your Page the higher up the search rankings you will go…





7. Add or remove features on your page using your own Page layout editor.





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